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Zaptec is an industry leader within the quickly growing EV space, providing EV chargers for individuals and housing co-ops. With expansion across multiple markets, Zaptec is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the booming green-tech industry.

Atender is Zaptec’s preferred global support partner.

Lisbeth Hanasand from Zaptec - Atender
Børre A. Sandvik - Vimond
Vimond pasrtnership with Atender

Vimond is an industry leader in OTT streaming. Thanks to their vast experience and superior technology, they have become the preferred streaming platform provider for media companies globally.

Streaming is one of the most business-critical aspects for media companies, which means that the 24/7 support offering needs to be second to none.

Atender is Vimond’s preferred 24/7 customer support partner.

Webhuset client - Atender.io

Webhuset is part of the GoDaddy group and provides services in the Scandinavian market. With tens of thousands of customers ranging from individuals to large enterprises, they depend on high-quality customer care which scales according to demand. They have chosen Atender as their support partner.

Atender provides Webhuset’s first and second-line support.

Andreas Bakke from Webhuset - Atender
Kine Lunde from Fonn - Atender
Fonn client - Atender

Fonn provides user-friendly management software for construction projects. By being digital first, Fonn facilitates more efficient collaboration and is changing the way the construction business operates.

Though Fonn doesn’t receive a high volume of support requests, it spans multiple time zones and it’s essential that they are available when customer needs arise.

Atender is Fonn’s global 24/7 support partner.