Zaptec is a leading global provider of EV charging solutions.

Lisbeth Hanasand from Zaptec - Atender

“Together with Atender we offer 24/7 support to all our customers. Atender, through their flexibility, has adapted to our needs which have changed quickly because of rapid growth. The quality is great!”

Lisbeth A. Hanasand

The future of mobility.

Through leading-edge green tech, Zaptec has succeeded in providing the leading technical solution in the market. They also manage EV charging subscriptions and payments through their subsidiary Charge365. In their rapidly growing business, they need top-quality support with 24/7 availability.

Zaptec’s set-up with Antender combines their own dedicated team with the flexibility of a 24/7 team for which they ‘pay as they go’. This combination has allowed them to rapidly scale and adapt their customer service capacity while still maintaining the high-quality support for which they are known.

Zaptec customer - Atender
The internal training Atender gives their agents makes them ready to go as soon as they’re onboarded with us. My life is a lot easier knowing we have such talented people handling our customer support. Lisbeth A. Hanasand

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