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You’re the brains, creativity and muscle behind the success of your business. But we’re here to help you grow with the world’s most powerful Customer Support platform.

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A constant feedback loop.

Our meticulously developed workflow has been refined over the years and has been put to the test many times.

Get in touch and we’ll explain how our way of working makes our team feel like your team.

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A consistent tone of voice.

Every business has a way of communicating with its customers. You may want your customers to be greeted or have their problems dealt with in a certain way. We understand this well.

We also know that these things can be improved and we can help you with that too.

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A shared passion.

We know how important your business is to you. This is why we make sure our agents are fully engaged with your brand. We share your vision and represent your brand as if it were our own.

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Meet our Customer Success Managers.

The final piece of the puzzle

Oda is one of our Customer Success Managers, based at our Malaga site. As soon as we start our journey together, we will assign you a CSM like Oda.

Even before we’ve decided to work together, Oda and her colleagues will be involved in the initial talks. This is because they are the ones who will be working closely with you from the outset to ensure we succeed together.

Let’s hear what Fonn
has to say about us.

Atender customer support outsourcing Zaptec

For Fonn, which provides management software for construction sites, Customer Support is essential. The Fonn app has thousands of users at any given time, solving time-sensitive tasks on the ground at construction sites. Supporting their users is especially challenging because they operate in various time zones, from the US to the Philippines.

We needed to professionalise our support operations and considered both building the capabilities internally and finding an international partner. After researching the market, we decided to partner with Atender, which has been a great experience. Atender came to us with a plan of how to learn our products, we gave them access to our support logs and they very quickly understood our needs.

Kine Lunde, Chief Operating Officer at Fonn

Fonn’s unique understanding of the construction industry and their customers were not easy to emulate. But working together and sharing insights and best practices, we were able to create a customer support experience which gives the user the feeling of speaking directly to Fonn themselves.