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Kine Lunde from Fonn - Atender
Fonn client - Atender

“Atender came to us with a plan of how to learn our products and after they were given access to our support logs, they very quickly understood our needs.”

Kine Lunde, COO

Support at any time

For Fonn, Customer Support is essential. The Fonn app has thousands of users at any given time, solving time-constrained tasks on the ground at construction sites.

Supporting their users is challenging as they work across several time zones, from the US to the Philippines.

Fonn’s unique understanding of the construction industry and its customers are not easy to replicate. But working together, sharing insights and best practices, we have created a customer support experience which makes the user feel that they are speaking to Fonn directly.

We needed to make our support operations more professional and we considered both building the capabilities internally and finding an international partner. After researching the market, we decided to partner with Atender, which has been a great experience. Kine Lunde

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