Outsourcing with Atender

Outsourcing with Atender

Availability, flexibility and technology provide positive Customer Support experiences

Customer Service is a profession in rapid development. Changes in patterns of customers and technology mean that expectations of companies change. It provides opportunities. Opportunities to adapt and become more competitive than their competitors.

Degree of solution is central to creating great customer experiences and providing satisfied customers. A high degree of solution is created through accessibility and competence. Ultimately, a positive performance culture is needed to be the best at customer care.

We have to move forward

The concept of Customer Support commits. Problem solving is important, but there are also several ways to follow up customers. Proactive support, available technological solutions and purchasing support are all ways to create excitement.

“The emotional aspect is absolutely crucial for customers to be satisfied and ultimately feel a connection for the company and the brand. It is almost also a prerequisite for word of mouth, the incredibly important aspect where customers become the company’s ambassadors and recommend to friends and acquaintances. But this is where we also encounter the curse of habits. Customers must experience something new. Otherwise, it can affect both satisfaction and loyalty. It is therefore incredibly important to see the connection between quality in operations and the development of new solutions and concepts. “

TOR W. ANDREASSEN, NHH (KSinsight #1, Kantar)

Save Money – Customer service “on tap”

With Customer Support Outsourcing, you avoid the costs that come with, for example, a recruitment process. The time you save sitting in interviews and conducting training is valuable time you can spend on creating growth in the company.

With “Customer service as a service” you can achieve 24/7 availability, access technology, get the best of new processes and customer service expertise that has been built up over a long period of time. But you are only currently paying for time spent on helping your customers. This means that 24-hour service will be available to all companies.

How Atender perform Customer Support Outsourcing

We are passionate about great customer service and we want you to succeed. It’s that simple.

We have built a team consisting of passionate Scandinavian and International employees in Malaga. They are available and have extensive experience from handling different types of customers. Our focus on having Native speaking employees is about the fact that we do not want there to be any language barrier in handling customers, we know this can affect the customer experience. Thus, all our customer service specialists operate in their native language.

With Atender University, we have established a program for skills development that ensures top quality. And we always answer the customer in your name.