Eirik from Atender

Get to know Eirik at Atender

At Atender, we have many fantastic and skilled employees who create great customer support experiences via Atender Customer Service Outsourcing. We call ourselves Atender Crew, because we are a team of colleagues who cheer on and improve each other. Read what Eirik Larsen thinks about working with us.

‍Before joining Atender, I worked for 3 other companies in the Málaga region. It can be challenging to move to a new country and get to know the culture and the way of working. As an employee in Norway, I always felt taken care of and that my needs as an employee were seen. I can truly say that I have gotten the same experience at Atender.

With Customer support experience within E-Mobility, I have been able to bring knowledge and experience to Atender where we have provided support to Zaptec’s customers among many.

‍”Atender is truly a company that takes care of its employees and creates a secure environment that is reflected in the Customer Support”

‍Recently I met some personal challenges, and it is especially this that has created an unforgettable impression of Atender as an employer. I have received incredible support from the entire team as well as the management. This has made me looking forward to returning to the office and that you are missed!

What I still enjoy the most with working in this company is probably that you get to laugh together, share knowledge, get help to get rid of negative emotions when it’s a little tougher with customers, the way you are dressed and you can be exactly who you are!

It is a company that I think welcomes all, regardless of age and experience. I have been in the company for 1.5 years already. I’m looking forward to the next 10.