Atender Mini Team

Atender Mini Team: Outsourcing for smaller companies

Our recently launched subscription, Mini Team, is a Customer Service offering from Atender that closes the gap between our current Flex and Team subscriptions.

The Mini Team subscription gives the client a team of two Customer Support Specialists, where one is functioning as the main point of contact. The agents only work with 2-3 clients, meaning the customer only pays for the actual time consumption in a pay-as-you-go model. As a result, the client has a Customer Support team that is working Monday to Friday from 8-16, or 9-17 depending on the client preference.

“Through discussions with several of our current customers and potential customers, we have identified a need in the marketplace. Typically when a founder or a core team reaches a level where they spend 50-70 hours each month on customer requests, you reach a threshold where you have to decide how to operationalize your Customer Support handling. This can be especially challenging, and as of today there are no good Outsourcing solutions for this segment.

At Atender our main philosophy has always been to be the best possible customer service partner for companies who are in the process of establishing their own support operations, or for companies who are experiencing a rapid growth in customer requests. That means providing Customer Support business models that are adapted to these types of companies. With our Flex, Mini Team and Team models we believe that we are able to provide a unique service in the marketplace that is adapted to market needs”

Andreas Helland, CEO

As the team consists of 2 Specialists, there is always redundancy for sickness or if a team member should choose to pursue other paths in life. Vacations are also planned, meaning a year-round Customer Support coverage.

Iris, who is a part of the Mini Team department has shared some of her thoughts:

“Working as part of a mini team I am able to engage closely with the customers I work with. Since these companies are typically smaller ones, or early stage companies, I really feel like I’m part of the clients core team. Most of the client companies are at a stage where they are defining what their support offering should be, and we are able to contribute with our experience. That is really motivating!”

Iris Torsøe, Mini Team Agent
Iris Torsøe - Atender

‍Mini Team is currently available in English, Norwegian and Swedish with Native Speakers. During late spring this year, Mini Team will also be available in German, French and Spanish.