Even Gaulen Gulliksen as COO

Atender appoints Even Gaulen Gulliksen as COO

Atender is delighted to announce that Even Gaulen Gulliksen will transition into the newly established COO role at Atender.

Atender has operations in Málaga, Dhaka, Bali and Bergen that report to the COO. Additionally, the Atender Customer Success Management team will be a part of Even’s team. An important focus area for the near future will be our growth into the German and French speaking markets.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to take on the COO role. I have seen the incredible growth we’ve gone through over the last couple of years and I’m eager to make sure we continue on the same path. We’re still going to keep a people first approach, continue to build on the strong company culture which we have established, and to further continue our growth into the European market. That’s a journey I’m happy to be a part of.”

Even Gaulen Gulliksen, COO

“We have experienced rapid growth over the last couple of years and the timing was right to create a dedicated operational role in our management team. Even has been instrumental in our day to day operations in our Málaga offices, and he will now take on company wide operational responsibility.”

“It is a golden rule to find team members who are more qualified than yourself. Even brings a natural structure to the role, and in a combination with his people management skills, he is going to strengthen us. With him onboard we are ready to continue our journey into the future.”

Andreas Helland, CEO & Founder

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